10 Endradhukulla and Paiyya – What’s the connection?

10 Endradhukulla and Paiyya – What’s the connection?

Very often, this has become something unavoidable where the comparisons pop up and go for a relentless run unceasingly.  With Vikram’s 10 Endradhukulla releasing on October 21, the makers are pretty happy with the response earned for the trailer and songs. Meanwhile, there comes something more unexpected in time as few sources have already started comparing 10 Endradhukulla with Karthi-Tamannaah starrer Paiyya. It is worth mentioning that both the movies travel on the same theme of having backdrops of travel, love and action…

In Paiyya, we see Karthi and Tamannaah developing a soft corner for each other during their journey and get united, but it comes with a package of action and thrill moments. Similarly, it looks like Vikram and Samantha come across each other while journeying through car and during the venture, the baddies are on the hunt of heroine and hero attempts to save her.

But the close sources of 10 Endradhukulla team convey it clearly that there is nothing connecting between these movies and except the similarities of travel and love along with action package, the plot is different and would be surprising as well.

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