Everyone has dreams, especially when it comes to the beginning of a New Year. But for film buffs, the limits are far beyond their usual paradigms for they need more from their matinee idols and film industry, which they believe to be their ultimate source of refreshments, relaxation and hub of enlivenment. We on the behalf of such audiences and fans bring you what they expect from the industry, some might looks like a funny hypothetical stuff though in 2016.

1. Ajith Kumar should meet fans 

This is something more anticipated by the fans of Ajith Kumar. Although, they have been getting his glimpses somewhere during his rare appearance, the fans curiously await his presence at a social function so that they can interact with them.

2. Vijay should theatre celebration as fans die 

Every time, a Vijay film releases, his fans show unconditional love and bonding to their matinee idol. But it has turned out to be a bizarre, where at least one or two fans are passing away every year during the celebration of first day first show rituals. Is it time for the star to make sure that their fans stop indulging in such celebrations.

3. Multi-starrer from Nadigar Sangam actors

Perhaps, this was the first promise by Vishal and other members of the Nadigar Sangam that they would be acting together in a multi-starrer for raising funds for the Artists Association. Well, let us hope, it will happen anytime sooner by this New Year.

4. Endhiran 2 should release in one year 

Although Kabali is getting for 100% release in summer, the fans cannot wait to see the version 2.0 Chitti and professor Dr Vaseegaran on the screens. Nothing is Impossible, isn’t? So can Shankar offer a miracle by completing this 350Cr project in a span of one year? Though an exaggeration, it’s something that every Thalaivar fan wants.

5. STR should have regular releases

Lots of controversies and that’s not ending time sooner. But what everyone expects from STR is that he has to deliver films on regular intervals so that they would relish in his entertainers and best performances.

6. Vishal to direct Vijay

It’s something that Vishal has been dreaming all the time and he has even openly admitted his desire about it. Yes, Vishal has been working on a script to direct and if everything goes well, Vishal will be helming a flick for Vijay anytime sooner.

7. Ajith Kumar-STR-Sivakarthikeyan multi-starrer

Ah! That’s something more unimaginable and out of box thinking, but what if it happens. A worth mentioning fact both Silambarasan and Sivakarthikeyan are hardcore fans of Ajith… Why not they make it happen together that becomes the year’s best blockbuster.

8. Kamal Haasan avoids religious aversions through speech 

We all love Kamal Haasan speech on rational thinking and looking things in a pragmatic way. But sometimes, his speech gets misinterpreted as it happened during Chennai floods. His talks on religion and consistently hurting the sentiments of pious people could be avoided. Moreover, he can be an atheist but doesn’t mean he has to force through his verbal eminence.

9. GV Prakash can focus on music

Although GV Prakash has scored brownie points through his acting spree and his movies ‘Darling’ and ‘Trisha Illana Nayantara’ becoming decent hits, we want him to score more music rather than simply getting onscreen.

10. Films should release on time without political interference

Finally, to wind up with, this is something that each and every film buff is pleading up. No need of political influences or any other pressures and let films be an entertainment industry and strict legal rule should be brought forth in implement that any legal suites against the film should be done before a month of release and not during the final moment.

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