25 women create tears on Suriya and Jyothika

25 women create tears on Suriya and Jyothika

Jyotika’s comeback film ’36 Vayadhinile’ has seen a spinning collection of approximately 10 Crores in just two weeks of release. The film has been highly acclaimed for a decorous theme of woman empowerment and expressing the beautiful emotions.

Last evening, the entire of 36 Vayadhinile including Suriya and Jyothika were present for the success meet and during this occasion, 25 women who are desolated in lives for many reasons and yet with their will power are ready to achieve something in their lives were funded with some financial support through Agaram Foundation and Sakthi Masala.

During this occasion, some of the women came up on the occasion rendering their bitter most experience and one among them was a beautiful girl, who lost both her legs, a week right before her marriage…. While many would have lost all their hopes and dreams with this terrible thing, she managed to cope up and strike back with more will power and today has managed to achieve something in her life.

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