3 revealing surprises in Vijay’s Puli Trailer

3 revealing surprises in Vijay’s Puli Trailer

The ardent fans of Ilayathalapathy Vijay are unceasingly celebrating the last night launch of Puli theatrical trailer. With a running length of 1 minute 55 minutes, there are some exciting things that get revealed and few elements indeed finally settle down the long run curiousities about this film. We bring you 3 most sensational surprises that are revealed with the theatrical trailer of Puli.

Dual roles of Vijay - Initially, the claims were that Vijay plays triple roles of a cartoonist, warrior and a Lilliputian. Off the late, it was refuted to be rumour and finally with the trailer we are revealed with the truth. We get to find dual roles of Vijay, one being an ordinary man and another as warrior who arrives during the final moments of trailer.

Lilliputian surprises -
Although, the Lilliputian avatar of Vijay is not revealed, we find the characters like Robo Shankar, Imman Annachi and Vidyuleka in such avatars. This is sure to grab the attention of children and family audiences.

100 % Fantasy - When we find the makeover of Sridevi, she almost resembles the witch lady we find in Tim Burton’s Alice in the wonderland. Similarly, there are fantasy characters like Giant man, dwarfs and so on, which proves that it’s going to be a special film in the pages of Tamil cinema.

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