5 reasons to watch Bala’s Thaara Thapattai

5 reasons to watch Bala’s Thaara Thapattai

Lots of expectations are mounting upon critically acclaimed filmmaker Bala’s upcoming film ‘Thaara Thappattai’, which is hitting screens for this festive occasion of Pongal. We bring you five good reasons, why this film is a must watch.

1. Definitely, Bala is someone who could bring an intensively intense theme into his flicks in spite of what the genre is. This film will be more emotional although it has loads of entertainment.

2. As cited above, for the first ever time, Bala has made sure that the audiences should be engrossed from beginning till the end. The film has unlimited humour and entertainment.

3. Maestro Ilayaraja is the main protagonist in this movie as he has delivered some power-packed performances on his musical chords. Moreover, this happens to be his 1000th album.

4. The film will be taking us through the tour of what the real musical culture of Tamil Nadu is. Most of the portions would be loaded with Karagattam, Thappattam and many more dance sequences, which will leave theatres to leap with howls and whistles.

5. Sasikumar and Varalaxmi Sarath Kumar are sure to bring the best on the screens with their scintillating dance performance and many more.

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