Simbu’s family threaten to leave TN

Simbu’s family threaten to leave TN

Simbu‘s mother Usha Rajendhar came out with an emotional video statement today, in which she said their family would be forced to leave Tamil Nadu and settle elsewhere following the ‘unfair’ protests against her son for ‘Beep Song’.

“Simbu is being targetted mercilessly. After all, the song was recorded privately and even the cuss words were beeped. When he himself had abandoned the number, someone purposely put him in a tangle by releasing it illegally,” she said.

“What grave crime my son had committed? He has been acting since he was just six-months. And everyone knows that our family always respects and honour women. It is the people of Tamil Nadu who gave us what all we have today. But now, our life has become miserable. Mediamen in front of our house round-the-clock and repeated condemnation against my son have bothered us a lot. We are not able to live at peace in our home. We would rather leave Tamilnadu and live peacefully elsewhere,” she said.

Stating that a few in the industry were trying to stifle the growth of his son, Usha, who is a former actress, said, “instead of cheap acts behind the screens, they should come forward and fight him in public. He is being needlessly made to face one trouble after another.
If my son had committed wrong, punish him. Unfortunately, for no fault of his he has been made to suffer. I wonder what they want – whether my son’s life or that of mine, who brought him up.”

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