Actress Anjena Kirti’s Jumbo moment

Actress Anjena Kirti’s Jumbo moment

Anjena kirti, who aptly fits ” the girl next door ” image , is excited about her part in the upcoming film ‘Jumbo 3D’ directed by the duo Hari and Hareesh after Ambuli 3D and Aaaah. The film is jointly produced by G Hari and Okida of Japan for MSG Movies.

The actress is so excited to reveal her experience about shooting for the film Jumbo 3D in Japan. “ The film is totally a new experience. Hari and Hareesh are nice and complete professional to work with. They both work very swift and smart together. It was very fun shooting with them each and every day.” says erstwhile international air stewardess.

Gokul, the hero is a very supportive co-actor. In the movie I do a doll performance. He taught me how to stand still without even blinking. Acting without dialogues was interesting. Baby Hamsika , a talented child doing an very important role in this film. We enjoyed shooting together.”

“90% of the film is shot in Japan. We shot in Toyama and Tokyo. The locations were so beautiful and exotic. Producer Hari is the founder of Tokyo Tamil Sangam. They were very warm with their hospitality. It made us feel home here in Japan.”

“When I was shopping in a mall. I missed the address written in Japanese. I was clueless but one of the Japanese taxi drivers started talking to me in Tamil knowing that am from India. He said he is a fan of Rajnikanth and knows Tamil.

“We shared screen with Japanese actors. Getting news in Japanese daily newspaper unforgettable moment. This film is a 3D film would attract the children for sure and a family entertainer.” says Anjena Kirti.


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