Aditi Chengappa is gearing up for her next release “Moone Moonu Varthai”

Aditi Chengappa is gearing up for her next release “Moone Moonu Varthai”

Tamil films always had a great connection with much of beautiful girls from Bombay almost the past 25 years. Still on the other hand, Tamil cinema also got heroines from all the directions. The Delhi girl Aditi Chengappa, is the new age new age girl next door for Tamil cinema. Aditi is gearing up for her next release ‘ Moone Moonu Varthai’ produced by SP Charan for Capital Film Works.

“I had a wonderful time shooting for this film, although it was challenging. This is my first bilingual movie. In the film ‘Moone Moonu Varthai’, I play a character called Anjali , who is independent and has a job of her own. A matured girl, who knows what she wants from life. An interesting and comical play has been has been done by director Madhumitha how the hero Arjun affects her maturity”, Says Aditi.

“Since we were shooting both Tamil and Telugu simultaneously, it definitely tested my linguistic abilities. More than this the shuffling between the two male leads were the most challenging. There were two different heroes for Tamil and Telugu. To play romance to two different people more or less around the same moment was very embarrassing.My friends use to bully me over this. Though it was just acting, to blow hot and cold simultaneously to two different people was challenging. But I’m glad I had this opportunity to experience it, I’ve learned a lot from the whole process.” Adds Aditi.

“I was very impressed by Venky my co actor who does a comedy role in this film. He has been amazing , an absolute wonder of world class. Madhumitha, is one of the most patient and calm directors I’ve worked with. Shooting sets can often be very chaotic and stressful. She kept her cool throughout and made sure we were able to perform with all ease. I am thankful to producer Charan sir for giving me this wonderful opportunity”

When we asked for the ‘ Moone Moonu Varthai‘ that she knows.she replied “I don’t really speak Tamil much. However if I had to pick three words, “Enaku Romba Paseekidu” (i’m very hungry). Because i’m always hungry!!” quips Aditi Chengappa.



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