43 Interesting facts of Thala Ajithkumar

43 Interesting facts of Thala Ajithkumar

Ajith Kumar B’day special

Winners stand alone…. The words go very much adherent to the real life of Ajith Kumar. He has crossed the barriers and barriers with lots and lots of hassling constraints. Breaking the unbreakable laws of misfortune, Ajith Kumar today stands ignited with high fame and power, but still remains so much down to earth. As ‘ Thala’ celebrates his 43rd Birthday, we bring you few interesting facts and some unknown interesting things about him.

  1. Born in Hyderabad, Ajith Kumar did his schooling till 5th std at Model High School, Chintadripet
  2. He pursued high school education at Aasan Memmorial Higher Secondary School.
  3. At this early, his fascination and enthrallment towards Aero modelling grew more and more. He spent more time and energy learning about it.
  4. He gave up his academic education due to some unavoidable personal issues after 10th But continued to have his private education through tutorial centre.
  5. When he turned 18, he joined as supervisor in Ranka Garments.
  6. Love your profession and what you do is his mantra. Gradually, he ventured into textile business for a while.
  7. Of course, his passion for textiles won him an opportunity to pose a model for a leading Dhoti brand.
  8. His debut film as hero was Telugu movie ‘Prema Pusthagam’. While shooting a scene in the backdrops of Beach, Gollapudi Srinivas, the first time director drowned in sea. Today, we have a honory awards held in his name for the best debut filmmakers under his commemoration.
  9. After long struggles, Ajith Kumar got the opportunity to make his debut in Tamil cinema through ‘Amaravathi’.
  10. Something is more fascinating till today. He rode the bike from Chennai to Ooty on the first day of shooting.
  11. Ajith Kumar respects everyone, but doesn’t bow down to anyone in the film fraternity for the sake of favouring. He would say, “I am a star within myself.”


Friendship with Competitors

  1. Suriya in a reality TV show had mentioned that because of Ajith Kumar, he got the opportunity to act opposite Vijay in ‘Nerukku Ner’.
  2. Vijay and Ajith Kumar met for the first time at Kamala Theatre. Vijay and his friends rushed for the matinee show of Amaravathi and that’s when Ilayathalapathy voluntarily came and introduced himself as JOSEPH VIJAY.
  3. Both of them teamed up together for a film titled ‘Rajavin Paarvaiyile’.
  4. Not many know that Ajith Kumar had voluntarily attended the audio launch of ‘Kushi
  5. During the occasion, he openly spoke about the delicious Biriyani prepared by Vijay’s mom Shoba Chandrasekhar and said, “Where you are, I love you Maa…
  6. Even today both Vijay and Ajith Kumar along with their families meet often at their residences in ECR. But it’s a private function, where they never discuss about movies.
  7. Usually, close managers and PR persons of an artist would enjoy making fun about their competitors. But for Ajith, if someone speaks ill about Vijay, he would never mind banishing them from his view and would never give a heed to them aftermath.

Professional Ethics

  1. Ajith Kumar never banks his hopes on big banners and A-league directors. When someone approaches him for a project, he would invite them to his place and just chat up on usual stuffs. If Ajith feel comfortable spending time with them for more than 15 minutes, he would say ‘Yes’.
  2. When the painters on sets would be busy polishing the floors and walls with stained hands, Ajith Kumar would walk straight shake his hands with them uncaring about the stains and dirt.
  3. Ajith keeps in touch with all his close and favorite technicians and artistes though they are in abroad countries. He measures ‘Friendship’ a lot than anything.
  4. Usually most of the artistes wouldn’t prefer letting the assistants and other technicians sit beside them on chairs at shooting spots. But Ajith Kumar insists everyone to be seated saying, “Everyone deserves respect. Especially self-respect…”
  5. When signing a new project on papers, Ajith drives straight to the producers’ homes or offices. It doesn’t want to make the producers come to his place. They are the creators and investors and they shouldn’t be strained.
  6. As known to everyone, he prefers having newcomers and young budding stars to play the lead roles besides him. He wants to help them to achieve success through this.
  7. He is always concerned about the strength of other characters and prefers giving them more importance on pars with his role.
  8. Although Ajith might have signed a new project, he wouldn’t share anything on it with the team of current projects. He believes one at a time and give the best to them.

Cherishing Moments as Guest at Home

  1. As every celebrity says, When anyone is invited by him to his residence, it’s not either driver, watchman or assistant opening up the gates, but Ajith himself walks and accompanies the guests inside the house.
  2. Everyone loves his Biriyani, but not everyone knows that aroma of Sambar he prepares spreads out throughout the streets of his residence.
  3. He is so much expert in continental cuisines.
  4. He never minds getting straight into the kitchen at any restaurant across the world if some dishes make him feel delicious and get the respective recipe.
  5. He never discusses about films and film industry issues during family occasions and spending time with friends.

An inspiring role model off-screen

  1. He is a perfect and lovable father. He accompanies his daughter Anoushka to school driving the car himself when he is free from shooting.
  2. You meet him today and after 10 years he see him somewhere, he would happily come and wish you reminding you of things you spoke during the first meeting that happened before many years.
  3. He personally calls up anyone to his residence keeping aside all other commitments if he comes to know that his friends or relatives are bound to some issues.
  4. This is known so much familiar. He has constructed independent homes to all his staffs. After construction, he felt that how would they travel so long. So he gifted them two wheelers as well.
  5. Ajith Kumar is an expert in designing interiors. In fact, sources say that he happened to design the interiors for Venkat Prabhu’s new residence.
  6. He owns a special photo studio inside his home and keeps clicking pics.
  7. Whenever he comes across a new technology or concepts, he immediately shares them with his close friends and technicians.
  8. He never prefers sleeping during free time. According to him, ‘Taking Rest’ means getting indulged in some other hobbies like photography and painting.
  9. He never likes someone who is dressed up shabbily. Even his drivers and cooks are found in best in dressing and well groomed.
  10. If he comes across someone with long and dirt nails, he would go by himself buying nail cutter and ask them to cut it immediately. He is a cleanliness geek.
  11. Although he is a vigorous racer, if any of his fans see him and follow up on the roads, he would lower down the car glass and ask them to wear helmet and then proceed.
  12. Ajith Kumar prefers privacy and this is one good reason why he is not involved in any social networking and micro-blogging pages.


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