Ajith fans mock Vijay fans over delayed promo song

Ajith fans mock Vijay fans over delayed promo song

It looks like a never-ending confrontation that happens among the fans of Vijay and Ajith Kumar. Every time, there is something happening over the films, there is an obvious clash between them… Now it’s all about the delayed promo song of Puli that has performance by Devi Sri Prasad.

The song’s video was aired on Sun TV during the audio launch of Puli, but it was supposed to get released last night, but didn’t happen. Apparently, Ajith Kumar fans that were waiting for this to happen started mocking Vijay fans soon after the song’s release didn’t happen.

Their statements were like, “Finally, one more disappointment for Vijay fans. First the film didn’t release and now with the poor fans expecting the song release, the scenarios are same again.” This has created a huge tiff between Vijay and Ajith fans over the online networks. Veera Theeran Promo Song released today morning.

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