Ajith is not a ghost in Vedalam

Ajith is not a ghost in Vedalam

Ah! That sounds quite an abnormal sensation that has been kindling up the unlimited exhilarations across the towns, especially among Ajith Kumar fans. It is a well known fact that Ajith Kumar’s title  was actually borrowed from Raghava Lawrence who had registered the title for the sake of one of his upcoming movies, a horror flick.

On asked by Ajith’s producers, he took no pause, but managed to offer it as he shares a wonderful rapport with him. Instantly, with the action and voice modulations of Ajith Kumar in the first look teaser of Vedalam, some of the media channels started publishing stories that Vedalam is a horror film and one of the roles played by Ajith Kumar would be ghost with the storyline focusing on a ghost getting back to seek vengeance.

Taking a hilarious gesture, the makers of this film have informed that the curious creative abilities of such types are really appreciable, but for now it’s a baseless rumour and Vedalam will be an out and out commercial entertainer.

The film is directed by Siruthai Siva and is getting ready for release on the festive occasion of Diwali.

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