Ajith’s women empowerment dialogues in Vedalam

Ajith’s women empowerment dialogues in Vedalam

Every time, when Ajith Kumar gets a filmmaker to narrate the script, he makes sure that there is no need to include unwanted punch dialogues. In fact, he is so clear that his co-stars get lot to speak and perform and his dialogues should be normal.

Even in the movies like Arrambam, Veeram and Yennai Arindhaal, the dialogues were so perfect and appropriate to the script. Now his upcoming film ‘Vedalam’ isn’t going to be an exception as some of the sources that have already seen the film utter that Ajith has lots of punch dialogues on insisting men and every guy to respect women.

It’s worth mentioning that the industry has a lot of reverence for Ajith Kumar especially, the female actors who feel comfortable acting with the star. There have been many buzzes that Ajith Kumar films usually don’t carry prominence for female lead characters or romance, but this time it should be more appealing for the female groups as well.

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