Amala Paul, Amy Jackson, Admiration

Amala Paul, Amy Jackson, Admiration

Cinematographer Sugumar, known for his works in ‘Mynaa’, ‘Kumki’ and ‘Maan Karate’ among other movies, has expressed his admiration towards actresses Amala Paul and Amy Jackson.

“I like Amala Paul without make-up. I like her mind, nature and heart which do not put make-up even after reaching such heights after ‘Mynaa’. Even Amy Jackson is very friendly and innocent. Her Tamil is very cute,” he says.

Sugumar is now working on a string of projects, including Udhayanidhi Stalin starrer ‘Gethu‘ and a movie starring Vikram Prabhu in the lead.

About the two actors, he says, “I was wondering how Vikram Prabhu who hails from a big family would socialize, later he became comfortable like a brother. Udhayanidhi socialized so friendly by not showing his political lineage.”

In his message to aspiring camera persons, he says, “a cinematographer should learn daily, should learn visually what they see, what they meet and also should learn them in a technically feasible way.”

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