Aranmanai 2 on the route of Chandramukhi 2?

Aranmanai 2 on the route of Chandramukhi 2?

Guessing what this paradoxical title could mean about? Well, Chandramukhi 2 hasn’t even got a word to take off. But, Chandramukhi 2 had already witnessed huge success in both Kannada and Telugu.

While Chandramukhi had the protagonist getting through the phase of zeroing in the exact lady with split personality, the second part had around 5 heroines in the film, where it really turns out to be more speculative for the protagonist to find the real one with the psychological problem.

On the face of it, Aranmanai had just a simple guess ,where Sundar C gets to know that his younger sister (Andrea Jeremiah) has been haunted with the ghost. But in the second part, it looks like many  characters would be having the possessed nature and it becomes more difficult for the protagonist to get the solution.

Aranmanai 2 features a lot of promising actors like Siddarth, Trisha, Hansika Motwani, Poonam Bajwa and almost everyone from the first part.


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