Aranmanai Vs Darling – Producers on clash

Aranmanai Vs Darling – Producers on clash

With the school and college examinations all set for an end by last week of March, the Tamil film industry gets excited to have its high time. Especially for the producers of horror movies, it’s always bliss in summer as it could be pulling more crowds into the theatres.

Last year, it was Raghava Lawrence’s Kanchana 2 that made a tremendous impact and we have it all this year as the April 1 brings couple of horror-comedies. Darling 2 earlier titled as Jinn is directed by Rameez Raja.

After watching the final output of the film, K.E. Gnanavel Raja decided to release the film with the titled ‘Darling 2’ as the franchise carried a huge mass appeal. Sundar C productions ‘Hello Naan Pei Pesuren’ was supposed to hit screens before a long time and now as the team promotes ‘From the makers of ‘Aranmanai’’ it could eventually draw more crowd to the theatres… Let us wait and watch what turns to be the best in grabbing our attention.

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