Baseless rumours on Ajith Kumar heart attack

Baseless rumours on Ajith Kumar heart attack

Sometimes, the fans get beyond their limits and there seems to be a cheap technique of gaining the fame and playing pranks crossing it all.

Just before few minutes Suresh Chandra, spokesperson and personal PR manager of Ajith Kumar tweeted saying that Ajith sir is fine and healthy and shame upon the ones who created such fake news.

It all goes in accordance to same fake news spread by a photo-shop screen shot of Suresh Chandra tweeting that Ajith Kumar sir is admitted in the hospital due to heart attack, please pray for him. It’s so annoying to see that aggressiveness of fans or audiences is turning out to be so cheap.

The fake news really created unwanted sensation among Ajith Kumar fans, where they couldn’t stop tweeting to the close associates of the star worried about his health issues.

Finally, now they are having a sigh of relief when the news was confirmed that he is fine and healthy.

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