Beep song Controversy- A common man’s view

Beep song Controversy- A common man’s view

With the rising speculations against STR and Anirudh Team Cinecoffee went out and conducted a small survey of the common man’s view in this issue.

Though some people felt that the song which is dragging in a lot of controversies does have enough elements for the hype given a lot of people feel that the song is not worth debating and people were making a mountain out of a molehill for the song, which has not been officially endorsed by either Simbu or Anirudh.

Simbu Clears The Air On ‘Beep Song’

A number of people also felt that people could take up better issues that would make society better and make a fuss about them. One thing to be noted is that there have definitely been in past songs like ‘bit padam de’ in recent past which have been showcased at movies without much offensive statements.

However following the complaint from All India Democratic Women’s Association, Coimbatore the Tamil Actor has been asked to be present for an inquiry on the song on Dec 19th. His father, TR’s complaint to a top cop to take down the person who leaked it and Anirudh’s denial for any involvement is also to be noted.

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