Big win for Pandavar Ani

Big win for Pandavar Ani

The Pandavar Ani, led by Nasser and Vishal, emerged triumphant on Sunday in a bitterly-contested elections to head the South Indian Artistes’ Association, popularly known as Nadigar Sangam.

As the counting started late in the evening, lot of twists and turns were in store, quite like a typical Tamil masala flick. At the end, it turned out that Pandvar Ani swept the polls, by beating the team led by outgoing president Sarath Kumar.

Nasser was elected as president with 1344 votes, while Sarath got 1231 votes. Vishal was elected general secretary with 1445 votes, while Radha Ravi received 1338 votes. Karthi from Pandavar Ani became treasurer with 1384 votes, while his opponent SSR Kannan received 1031 votes.

Retired judge Justice Padmabhan supervised the entire election process, following an order from the Madras High Court. The polling venue, St Ebba’s School at Mylapore in Chennai, resembled a security fortress as the police have made elaborate bandobust arrangements.

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