Bobby Simha shocks ‘Gossip columnists’

Bobby Simha shocks ‘Gossip columnists’

In the world of media and journalism, especially when it comes to the department of films, there happens to be a sector of people who would earnestly keep feeding on the personal lives and rumours about the celebrities. Such happens to be their main protocol without which they cannot survive.

While the entire Tamil Nadu is celebrating the success of Bobby Simha over winning the National award for his fantastic performance in ‘Jigarthanda’, few remain pricking his anger. During the special meet of ‘Urmeen’ team that happened to be felicitating of Bobby Simha for his success, some of the journalists questioned him saying, “We hear that you are demanding for a share of profit in some of your upcoming films like ‘Chennai Ungalai Anbudan Varaverkindradhu’.

Bobby Simha who was smiling till the moment had his face turn pale. He abruptly replied saying, “What do you mean by Share? Is it the ‘Bull’ trademark of share market? Please question the ones who are tricking me in the name of short film that suddenly gets translated into full length feature. Ask them who the heroine of this film is? After you get reply to these questions, you can get back to me and question.”

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