Brahmins protest ‘Pichaikkaaran’

Brahmins protest ‘Pichaikkaaran’

Office-bearers of Anthanar Munnetra Kazhagam have lodged a complaint with the Greater Chennai Police Commissioner, seeking to ban Vijay Antony – starrer ‘Pichaikkaaran‘. According to them, the Gayathri Mantra is being played during violent scenes and temple priests have been shown in bad light in the movie. “This has hurt our sentiments”, they said.

Recently, doctors protested against the movie over few lines in a song in it, it may be recalled. Following this, Vijay Antony came forward to change the lyrics. In a statement, he said the particular portion which offended the doctors has been altered. “In the song, what lyricist Logan has sought to convey is that how some rich people, who, despite not having the requisite educational qualifications, end up becoming doctors by paying lakhs and crores to some private institutions.”

“Such people bring disrepute to this noble community of doctors. I had shown the struggle and sacrifices of doctors in my previous film ‘Saleem’ and will never show them in bad light.”

“Please do not cast apprehensions on the team by listening to just one line from the song. We did not write this song to insult doctors from the backward communities. In fact, both the lyricist, Logan, and the singer Velmurugan are from the backward communities themselves who have excelled in their professions,” he added.

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