Cancellation of SPI Cinemas deal: Sarath made false claim?

Cancellation of SPI Cinemas deal: Sarath made false claim?

Contrary to what was claimed by former Nadigar Sangam president R Sarath Kumar on Monday evening that the association’s pact with SPI Cinemas was cancelled last month itself, a report today said the deal is not actually cancelled.

Quoting sources, the DNA report said some conditions have been set to cancel the agreement and “only if these conditions are met does the deal between Nadigar Sangam and SPI Cinemas stand cancelled”.

It also pointed out that though Sarath displayed the document to the media, he did not allow reporters to read it and said that Ramki would share it to journalists later.

At a press conference on Monday in Chennai, Sarath said, “the deal with SPI Cinemas was cancelled on September 29. I am deeply hurt by baseless allegations levelled against me during the course of the campaigning for the Nadigar Sangam elections.”

 “I wanted to clear these baseless accusations levelled against me because I have given 33 years of my life to service. These allegations have been bothering me. However, I reiterate that this agreement is totally beneficial to the South Indian Artistes Association. It is one of the best agreements that could be drawn up.”

When reporters asked why he did not reveal it to the media before the elections, the actor said that he was not sure how it would be construed.

“I was confident of winning the election and I thought I must announce it at that time. Moreover, had I announced it before the polls, they (Pandavar Ani) would have claimed it as their victory. But, today, I want to come clean on the deal,” he said.

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