Cops to impound Simbu’s passport?

Cops to impound Simbu’s passport?

With Anirudh continuing to stay in Canada, the Chennai police are reportedly planning to impound the passport of Simbu to prevent his possible ‘escape’ to a foreign country following the Beep Song controversy.

According to sources, the police are also collecting evidence against the actor-singer. It is to be noted that the Coimbatore police have already served summons on Simbu and Anirudh, asking them to appear on December 19.

With just two days left for December 19, it is learnt that Simbu would appear before the police, while Anirudh might seek some time as he was busy with his concert in Canada.

In the meantime, protests today continued against the duo by various organisations. The agitators demanded the police to arrest them and also sought an unconditional apology from the actor and the composer.

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