Court asks Rajini fans to stop ‘paal abhishekam’

Court asks Rajini fans to stop ‘paal abhishekam’

In a strange case, a petition has been filed against Superstar Rajinikanth in a Bengaluru court, asking him stop his fans from wasting milk during the release of his films, in the name of ‘paal abhishekam’ to his cut-outs.

Hearing the plea, the Bengaluru city court has issued an injunction order restraining Rajini fans from propitiating cut-outs and posters with milk.

In his petition, IMS Manivannan, who is an activist, said thousands of liters of the milk was wasted in this illogical hero worship even as a State government report has said taht many children have died due to malnutrition.

“Rajinikanth is a responsible actor and now he has been awarded the second largest civilian award (Padma Vibhushan) in the country. We wanted him to come forward and put an end to this practice,” he said.

The court order said: “Pleased to pass the order of exparte ad interim temporary injunction directing the defendant’s fans not to put any flex banners or cut-outs and not to propitiate milk on the flex banners or cut-outs on the eve of Rajinikanth being honoured with Padma Vibhushan in the interest of justice and equity.”

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