Court order on ‘Baahubali’

Court order on ‘Baahubali’

The Madurai bench of the Madras High Court on Monday directed the Tamil Nadu government to issue a circular to all District Collectors about the Censor board’s decision to remove certain casteist reference in ‘Bahubali‘.

The bench of Justice R Sudhakar and Justice V M Velumani said the government should ensure that the particular dialogue was not shown as alleged in some theatres in southern Tamil Nadu.

It may be recalled that some Dalit organisations protested against a reference in the movie, following which lyricist-dialogue writer Madhan Karky issued a statement, denying the charge.

Stating that the dialogue was never meant to hurt anyone, Karky had said steps would be immediately taken to remove the particular dialogue from the movie.

“In the dialogue quoted to be the issue, ‘en thaayaiyum thaai naattaiyum endha pagadaikku pirandhavanum thoda mudiyaadhu‘, I had used the term ‘pagadaikku piranthavan’ to mean a person born out of loss in a gambling game of dice”, he said.

He said he did not know that it was the name of a community. “In other scenes, the hero, who delivers this dialogue, was depicted as someone against casteism and even as a child, stands up for equality of all castes, against the norm of his nation. Such a protagonist would never talk ill of any caste,” he said.

“Our intention is not to speak ill of anyone. Just so that the invaders should not be equated to any caste or group, a new language was created for them”.

“We have taken all possible efforts to avoid hurting the feelings of any group. Now, I am also taking efforts to remove the word that has hurt the sentiments of a community. I’m letting you know that the word will be removed from the movie soon. I’m sorry if anyone has been hurt.”

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