Darling 2 – One more horror treat

Darling 2 – One more horror treat

Sometimes, the brand names really matters and we find  that it more in Tamil film industry. Firstly, it was CV Kumar of Thirukumaran Entertainment who made a creative attempt of drawing crowd to the theatres with ‘Pizza 2’. The film ‘Pizza’ was a super hit and immediately the makers wanted to get cashed in with it.

Now apparently, the Studio Green producers are likely following the same route. A bunch of young league has made a horror film titled Jinn that includes Kalaiarasan, Kaali Venkat, Hari and Munish Kanth in lead roles.

The film touted to be a horror is shot inside a bungalow, where the most classic hit film of MGR starrer ‘Anbe Vaa’ was shot.

After watching the film and liking the content, Studio Green has been reported of clasping the film’s theatrical rights with the re-named version of ‘Darling 2’.

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