“Designing for the Delight ” Kappal Costume designer Tamil Selvan

“Designing for the Delight ” Kappal Costume designer Tamil Selvan

“Kappal film would make you laugh, cry and enjoy. It was a delight to cruise with the team” started with an inside-out note Tamil Selvan, the costume designer of the movie Kappal. Cinema has always been a passion for me. I have learnt many things from cinema since my childhood. Started my very own boutique after finishing my studies in Fashion designing from the National School of Design, He continued.

After getting chances to design for few of the celebrities from the tinsel town. I worked really hard to make it for the big screen. It’s a big time learning experience with Director Karthik who wanted the costumes to be colourful and unique thematic designs when it comes to songs“ said the debutant costume designer.

On sharing his experience of working on some of the typical costumes in the film, he said “Designing a flower gown with full of real flowers and costumes made of chocolates and candy for the song “kadhal casatta..” was a challenging task. My whole family worked in building the chocolate costumes. On the other hand the pirates costumes held us to take a tight breath, as we created all the accessories for ourselves. When the Pandavas attire gave us a lot to work on its detailing , My assumption of it a default drama costume was totally wrong.

I always aspired to create my own identity in the field of costume designing.I was absolutely delighted when i was offered ‘ Kappal’. When an associate of mine surprised at the range of costumes asked’ boss, is this Shankar sir’s film, why are we showing such a wide range of costume collection , i didn’t realize that one day this film will be released under the banner of Shankar sir.It is indeed a pride to find my name in the film to be released under ‘S’ pictures. I thank my producers I studios and Director Karthik for providing me this great platform. we have tried Traditional, western and fantasy kind of costume that would draw audience’s attention, Sonam bajwa the heroine appreciated and said that the costumes are equivalent to Bollywood style , she looked dazzling and I’m sure she will be the biggest catch of this ocean- The mermaid’ Tamil Selvan, the next-gen costume designer sums with a promising words.

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