Thangamagan Dhanush – Trending

Thangamagan Dhanush – Trending

Starting an acting career at an early age and tripling success levels is what not every artist has seen or achieved except for the Lengendary Kamal Haasan and the ever simple Dhanush and the latter has achieved much more at a younger age.

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Bringing up four hits the same year in such a competitive ground is something which even the “Little Master” would have struggled but Dhanush signs off the year with ease.

Starting off his carrier as an actor the Thangamagan hero is now taking over all fields proving the fact that dedication and hardwork is and will always be the secret of success. Be it acting, singing, dancing, lyric writing or producing Dhanush has been consistently ticking all boxes right proving himself to be the best in anything and everything he lands.

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Following his successful 2015 team cinecoffee wishes him the best for a more successful 2016.

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