Doctors protest against Vijay Antony

Doctors protest against Vijay Antony

A section of physicians has announced protest against Vijay Antony‘s ‘Glamour Song’ in his upcoming movie ‘Pichaikaaran’, alleging that it portrayed doctors in bad light.

In a statement here, Dr G R Raveendranath, general secretary of Doctors Association for Social Equality said the song had the line ‘Quotavula seatu vaangi doctor aavuran… Thappu thappa oosi pottu saagadikiraan’, which insults and ridicules candidates from the backward, most backward and tribal communities, who get MBBS seats under reservation.

He said that the makers of the song conveniently ignored the fact that private medical colleges too offer seats under quota after getting money from aspirants.

Stating that Tamil Nadu has emerged the hub of medical tourism, Raveendranath said this was possible because of the hard work of doctors, including those who got seats through quota.

Seeking immediately apology from Vijay Antony and others, he also sought the government to take action against those involved in the song.

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