Does Anegan come with a tragic climax?

Does Anegan come with a tragic climax?

KV Anand is usually known for coming up with brilliant and fresh ideas irrespective of what genres he encompasses his scripts with. His upcoming film ‘Anegan’ has literally turned the universal spotlights upon this project due to recent track records of Dhanush films in the box office. His 25th film ‘Velai Illa Pattadhaari’ turned to be a massive hit and his recent Hindi outing ‘Shamitabh’ has been declared as a decent hit in box office. Meanwhile, there is a subtle buzz that Anegan could have a tragic climax. According to the close sources, KV Anand has shot two endings for this film, one with positive and other one tragic. The basic plot of this film is about a couple at different points of time alienated by various sources and how they get back through fate and destiny together again.

KV Anand has uttered that unlike his previous films, Anegan will have more emphasis stressed on romance and action would be an integral part of it. The songs composed by Harris Jayaraj, especially ‘Danga Maari’ have beguiled everyone across the towns.

An icing of cake with cherry-picks would be the prodigious act of Navarasa Nayagan, who claims to be enacting an extraordinary role in this film.

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