Exclusive – Anirudh referred Santhosh for Dhanush

Exclusive – Anirudh referred Santhosh for Dhanush

Before couple of days as soon as the official news was affirmed by the makers of Kodi that Santosh Narayanan has been signed to compose music for this film.

There was more rumours spread out that Anirudh was intentionally moved out for various reasons in accordance to ‘Beep Song’ and few claiming it to be his world tour.

Well, precisely, this is not the case as Anirudh always has special affinity for Dhanush and never misses to get away from his offers. But the real fact is that Anirudh was the one to recommended Ghibran and Santosh Narayanan to Dhanush.

It is worth mentioning that Anirudh had already referred Ghibran and Santosh Narayanan as his favourite music directors.

Moreover, both Dhanush and Anirudh were high on criticisms that their musical collaboration sounds to be in the same style and henceforth, they wanted to break the pattern and try something unique and different

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