Five reasons to watch Arulnithi’s Demonte Colony

Five reasons to watch Arulnithi’s Demonte Colony

Horror movies are finding no ways to keep away and they are constantly happening to scare and chill the spines of audiences. This Friday, it’s one more horripilating mania to capture the theatres. The name is Demonte Colony! Quite a familiar word that has been regarded as one of the highlighting elements of Chennai City for it happens to be one of Top 10 haunted places…

We bring you five good reasons to watch this film, which is hitting screens on this Friday (May 22).

1. Based on true incidents – A horror movie is always based on fiction and Demonte Colony is about inspirations from real life events that happened before centuries in Chennai. A Portugal family happened to live there in the house located at the heart of city. But sooner, paranormal stuffs that haunting them leaving the homemaker with mental sickness and son missing somewhere.

2. Arulnithi – Safest Bet – Right from his debut movie, Arulnithi has been trying something with unique and different genres in every film. Naturally, almost all his movies have been decent fare in box office and his performance is expected to be a spotlighting feature.

3. Suspense Heroine – You might have not seen any heroines present in the trailer, but there happens to be a suspense revolving around this character. There is a prominent actress in the film and she will be introduced only during the release.

4. Murugadoss-Anirudh connection – Both the filmmaker and music director of this film are making their debut. While Ajay Gnanamuthu was a former associate of A.R. Murugadoss, Keba Jeremiah has been a long time associate of Anirudh. In fact, the latter has crooned a song for this film.

5. ‘Insidious’ Touch – In spite of many horror movies making it ways onto the screens, Hollywood’s most celebrated ‘Insidious’ Franchise has been conquering the world market. This is precisely because, it has a different technique and presentation of scaring the people in theatres. Ajay Gnanamuthu has made this film based on these ingredients.

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