Five reasons to watch Kamal Haasan’s Papanasam

Five reasons to watch Kamal Haasan’s Papanasam

The much awaited film from Kamal Haasan is ready to scintillate everyone in the theatres and as know earlier, it’s a remake of last year hit movie ‘Drishyam’ (Malayalam) that starred Mohanlal and Meena in lead roles, which is directed by same filmmaker Jeethu Joseph. With the film hitting screensthis Friday, we bring you five good reasons on how special and different is Kamal Haasan’s Papanasam from the original and other versions.

The Nativity – Usually, there happens to be an issue or constraint while remaking a Malayalam movie. Because it involves lots of nativity and background such as back waters and scenic locales. Even their food style has its own uniqueness, but Kamal Haasan together with Jeethu Joseph has worked on lots of modifications involving this.

The Linguistic Slang – Much accordingly, Kamal Haasan who is far-famed for getting more expertise on language factors has emphasized the prominence towards using Tirunelveli Tamil slang. This would be one of the major highlights in this movie.

Casting of actors – While the other remake versions of this film featured almost the same actors, Kamal Haasan opted for a change. Gouthami makes her comeback on the screens after a long time and Nivetha Thomas who played Vijay’s younger sister in Jilla. Baby Esther who played the youngest daughter to Mohanlal reprises her character here.

Musical Chartbuster – Unlike the previous films of Kamal Haasan, the songs have already turned to be a decent hit much prior to the release. Moreover, the promotional creativity of using the visuals in music channels has prompted the expectations.

Finally, the plot and screenplay – Apart from all these factors, there would be one and only major factor that would stunningly appeal to our senses. The basic story and the way narration is done. This will keep the audiences on the edge of seats till the last minute.

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