Four Heart-Wrenching Tragedies Of Dhanush

Four Heart-Wrenching Tragedies Of Dhanush

Dhanush has swept us over the feet when it comes to his films based on offbeat themes. While his commercial aspects are touching rocket speed to the peak, his unconventional films have been more based on the tragedies. We bring you an exclusive look on the four films that had tragic end of Dhanush and created sensational reviews.

Kadhal Kondein – Vinod, a youngster wrapped with a psychological pain from his childhood comes across an angelic Divya, who soothes his pains and enlivens his life. Unfortunately, when she falls in love with her classmate, Vinod stuck between possessiveness and affection creates a tremor of situations and finally lasting his breath to save her love.

3 (Moonu) – The film eventually had its realms with ‘Kolaveri’ song and many envisaged it is going to be a great commercial entertainer, but in contrast, the film got its way out towards a drama based on Ram, affected with bipolar syndrome, who sacrifices his own life to save him from killing his wife.

Raanjhanaa (Ambikapathy) – The director of this film was bold enough to place the first shot (much alike 3) with Dhanush on the death bed.  Kundan, a small time Brahmin boy in Varanasi falls in love with a beautiful Muslim girl and has been having a great affinity from childhood. Apparently, when he unfortunately becomes the root cause of her devastating life, he again accepts the pain she gives him back.

Shamitabh – This should be quite shocking for all to see that yesterday release ‘Shamitabh’ has a tragic end. This time, he doesn’t give away his life for ‘LOVE’, but for an unimaginable friendship that happens between a mute actor and an aged drunkard with a powerful voice (played by Amitabh Bachchan).


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