Fresh crisis in Kollywood, as producers declare strike

Fresh crisis in Kollywood, as producers declare strike

A new deadlock has hit Kollywood, as the Tamil Film Producers Council (TFPC) announced Wednesday evening that there would be no film releases from September 4.

As Vishal-starrer ‘Paayum Puli‘, produced by Vendhar Movies, (who had distributed ‘Lingaa’) was gearing up to hit the screens September 4, a section of distributors and theatre owners issued a ‘red card’, alleging that they would not allow the film to release until the losses of ‘Lingaa’ are settled.

Following this, the TFPC said in an official statement that no new film will be allowed to release in theatres in the state from Friday.

It also announced that all films that are currently running in cinemas in the state will be removed if the matter is not settled by September 10.

Meanwhile, theatre owners have said, “Only half of the promised settlement has reached the distributors of ‘Lingaa’. Rajinikanth and the film’s producer Rockline Venkatesh managed to settle the loss, but distributors from North and South Arcot, Chengalpet and Trichy are yet to receive the compensation.”

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