Hansika’s horrible and heavenly experience

Hansika’s horrible and heavenly experience

Bad and Good. Hansika experienced the best of both worlds on Chennai roads on Monday night, as she was stuck in traffic jam on her way from the airport to a hotel. Read more in Hansika’s own words.

“I landed at Chennai airport at 8.30 pm on Monday. Even as I touched Chennai, it was pouring heavily. With the water levels outside rising upto the knee level, at one point, we were stuck and not able to move further,” she starts off.

“Initially, I thought the traffic would be cleared soon. I was whiling away the time with my phone. But even after I watched some serials and movie scenes, there was no sign of any movement. The car was stuck in such a way that it can’t move an inch in any direction. Then I decided to walk to the nearest hotel,” she adds.

“Chennai people recognised me and called me by my name. Many came forward to help me by showing the way to hotel. They cared for me a lot. Their love and affection moved me,” says Hansika, adding that she always considered herself as south Indian. She also prayed for Chennai to get back to normalcy soon.

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