Here is the reasons Why Gethu will be a super hit?

Here is the reasons Why Gethu will be a super hit?

Udhayanidhi Stalin has been keeping his fingers crossed about the success of his upcoming film ‘Gethu’ scheduled to hit screens for this Pongal festival. How different is the film from the erstwhile movies of Udhayanidhi. Let us check out 5 factors that will make this film a super hit.

1. For the first ever time, Udhayanidhi Stalin is coming out of his usual paradigms trying to make something unique in genre.

2. Thirukumaran had made a commendable debut with ‘Maan Karate’ and this time has leaped up with an experimental genre.

3. Amy Jackson will be appearing in a traditional Brahmin girl role and of course her glamour in songs will be more exquisite.

4. Udhayanidhi-Karunakaran combination will be something more appreciable.

5. The title ‘Gethu’ has something to do with the characterisation of Sathyaraj and definitely, he has a strong substantial role out here.

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