Hollywood director hails ‘Maya’

Hollywood director hails ‘Maya’

Nayanthara-starrer ‘Maya’ has been winning accolades from various quarters. One among the celebrity admirers of the movie is Eric England, the famous American director who is known for horror films such as ‘Madison Country’ and ‘Contracted’

“My sound designer Kunal Rajan, who has worked on all my feature films, has opened the door for me to find new cinematic influences and cultures with some wonderful films coming out of India,” he wrote on his Facebook page.

“I recently had the chance to sit in a theater and view MAYA, a stunningly beautiful and haunting new film from that part of the world that really impressed me with it’s solid acting, beautiful photography and incredible sound/score,” he said.

“If you’re not familiar with the films from that part of the world, or are interested in seeing a new style of storytelling, I highly recommend seeking this film out and treating yourself. It’s a unique experience, both in the way of storytelling and in the presentation, and it’s in theaters right now,” Eric added.

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