Exclusive Aadhi Interview: I am emotionally connected to Yagavarayinum Naa Kaaka

Exclusive Aadhi Interview: I am emotionally connected to Yagavarayinum Naa Kaaka

The tall, graceful and handsome Aadhi doesn’t need ample evidences to be acclaimed as a proficient actor. He has never been in a hurry to sign the projects and has been ritually picking the ones that really impress and surprise him exploring new avatars. With a vivid look into the list of filmography, it proves it all that his ambitious efforts of nurturing his potentials have been keeping him asides on an unparalleled league in Tamil cinema.

This happened to instigate in us the need to ask him what actually prompts him to look up for unique scripts and roles. Moreover, what actually impelled in him the need to choose the script of ‘Yagavarayinum Na Kaaka’, directed by his elder brother Sathya Prabhas? Is it because, the brothers wanted to get into each other’s aid?

“Not definitely! All that I can say is that Yagavarayinum Naa Kaaka will be something unusually different from my previous films. I have been enacting different roles in every film, but YNK is literally different and was indeed astonishing to my senses when my brother narrated the script. There is so much connection between my real life character and what I play in this movie. I didn’t have to strain myself a lot and was literally so naturalistic on the sets,” flagged of Aadhi sitting sangfroid and aplomb. Promoting the film across various parts of the South India, he has been feeling so much energetic and positively exhilarated over the tomorrow’s release.

So which part of the film did inspire this tall gigantic handsome actor to be a part of this film? “The real life incident that inspired my brother Sathya Prabhas was the same factor that pulled my interest towards it. Almost every film, including what I have done in the past belongs to same formulae Hero Vs Villain, Goodie Vs Baddie and so on, but Yagavarayinum Naa Kaaka will be a mere exception of unpredictable characters, narrative structure and saliently striking surprises. If you find the villain hitting someone on the hero’s side, there would be a valuable justification made that makes his act excusable. This was predominately the same reason that attracted me a lot towards this film.”

Perhaps, it’s a long awaited comeback film from Aadhi who delivered some promising films like Mirugam, Eeram and Aravaan. But he comes with a double surprise of not just being a stunning actor, but a playback singer as well. He has already captivated the towns with his ‘Sokkana Song’ that has deliberately become a Love Failure Anthem and of course, the great sort of attention grabbing track among the young guys. “Initially, it was composed in a ‘Gaana’ style’ written and crooned by Gaana Ulaganathan. But we felt that there needs to be certain change made. The ‘Gaana’ doesn’t suit into this genre of film and tried to pull out something different on a western style. Impactful of some likeliness, I couldn’t stop humming this song for the first time I heard it and kept repeatedly fascinated over the tunes. This song actually didn’t have any high or low pitch swings, so I could croon it easily.”

Well, this gave an immediate room to ask him does any real life significance of love break ups inspire him… “Not at all!!! Of course, I have had love break ups, but trust me, I wasn’t the reason,’ tots up Aadhi.

Setting up the chat to next level, we couldn’t stop asking him about the wonderful experience he shared with a legend actor like Mithun Chakraborty. Taking no pause, he said, “I have no words to praise his works. He is someone who could deliver a power-packed performance without any actions, but just with his eyes. Such is his enormous act and elegance in performance. But the moment shot is over, he becomes a buddy kind to me.”

Speaking about the colourful Nikki Galrani, he says, “Naturally, girls are the colours and here Nikki plays Kayal, a girl who rides bullet and I am sure, you would have judged the kind of girl she is. She plays a Tomboyish role in this film and has done something amusing here.”

Finally to end this chat, Aadhi says that he was emotionally connected to the film for a very long time and would actually get out of it, only when he signs a new project.

With the film hitting screens tomorrow across the world, we at Cine Coffee wish him all the best and entire team of Yagavarayinum Naa Kaaka a huge success for their earnest efforts and brilliant performance.

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