‘Ilaiyaraaja 1000′ is worst: Prathap Pothen

‘Ilaiyaraaja 1000′ is worst: Prathap Pothen

Director-actor Prathap Pothen is one among the many to come down heavily on the organisers of ‘Ilaiyaraaja 1000′. He has gone to the extent of saying it is the worst show he had ever seen.

“A number of calls…. and I started at 6pm from home after excusing myself from shooting ….I told Tiju Kurian ….that nothing starts on time and each time he experiences the same thing he doesn’t seem to learn …..no sir he said you are in directors group and the stars group …this I believed …because some of Ilayaraja‘s best songs were picturised on me ……and as a director we did so many films including the platinum disc of Vetrivizha I never had a bad song from him …even in my last movie as a director in Malayalam …Yatramozhi, I had 3 classic songs for the film …..now I get to do another Malayalam film with him which I promise you will knock the daylights out of you …well coming back to the function I was among the early to arrive …so I could take the maestros blessings….after that it was a long wait …..” he wrote on his Facebook page.

Prathap said further: “Vijay tv organisation was preparatory school level……….none of my songs were played except when Goutham menon walked in with his troupe of musicians …they played a bit of ..en iniaya pon nilave and the band he got played kodai kale katre ….I wasn’t invited up with directors …..it didn’t hurt me because at that time i wanted to piss badly ……some how i mustered courage to get out and piss …by the time i was back the directors were still going blah blah blah …another half an hour and i felt my sugar levels going down thank god for Bhaghraj and Poornima ..I could get a sweet ….all the numbers was in praise of Kamal haasan ….rightly so because he is the lord of the rings …and what made it worth it was ….that classic song from Mani ratnam’s gitanjali “oh priya priya”………its was past 11 pm at that time so i decided to leave …..walking out i find this girl charging up to me and saying you are
on next …..for what i asked she said you and jayaram represent the malayalam actors …….”

He added: “i was little tired a pissed …i told her as an actor i have never sung a malayalam song of the maestro as a director I did one film Yatramozhi with him ….but she was adamant i stayed ….i refused and walked out ….with a vijay tv its always sambawame yugi yugi I saw through their plans they are just bullies using the good name of rupert murdoch ….i have seen how they operate ….and believe with all the new media coming in …..you will be huffing and puffing ……..this is no way to honour a maestro…….it was the worst show i had seen….”

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