Ilayaraja brings ‘Titanic’ effect now

Ilayaraja brings ‘Titanic’ effect now

Maestro Ilayaraja is known for his versatility and writing them in words would turn this into many pages. Apparently, the legend music director wouldn’t take more than three days to complete the re-recording for a film. To a surprise, his assistants and entire team are so much astonished over the legend taking nearly a month to complete it for Anushka Shetty’s forthcoming release ‘Rudramadevi’ starring Anushka Shetty in lead role. The film happens to be the period drama laced with action and adventure about the reigning queen Rudramadevi.

So much impressed with the visuals and feeling the need to enhance the hard work of the entire team, Maestro Ilayaraja had spent a whole month time in Mahabalipuram working on re-recording and has now flown down to London Angel Studio in London for the orchestral scores. This is the same studio, where the world’s most renowned James Cameron’s ‘Titanic’ had the background score composed.



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