Ilayaraja faces the heat for scolding journalist

Ilayaraja faces the heat for scolding journalist

Various journalist bodies have condemned maestro Ilayaraja for verbally abusing a reporter in Chennai, as the composer chided and snubbed him for posing a question over the controversial ‘Beep Song’.

At an event to honour those who had helped the stranded and the helpless during the Chennai floods, Ilayaraja met the media. The reporter, attached to a television channel, asked the comment of the veteran musician over ‘Beep Song’.

Ilayaraja became furious and said: “Do you have any sense?, answer me first, do you have senses, why do you pose this question to me, have we come here over this issue?” He repeatedly went on to chide the reporter.

Many journalists associations have condemned Ilayaraja, stating that the reporter just did his duty. “As Beep Song has created a huge controversy, the reporter wanted to know Ilayaraja’s opinion as he was the senior most in the industry. But this is not the way to react. He could have said no comments,” the associations said.

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