Ilayaraja rescued me, says Kamal

Ilayaraja rescued me, says Kamal

It has been 16 years since ‘Hey Ram’ hit the screens and Kamal Haasan fans are celebrating it. The ‘Ulaga Nayagan’ too is happy, and has shared some untold secrets about the movie.

“Touched by Hey Ram fans celebrating 16 yrs. Remember all who made it possible. Especially Shah Rukh Khan and Bharat Shah,” he said.

“Mohan Ghokale. After sculpting Abhyankar beyond my expectation died. I Reshot with Atul K, who won the national award.. Thanks to Mrs Ghokle,” he stated.

Kamal said further: “One day I wish to showcase late Mohan Gokhale’s performance for all to see. A day before he died I told him he might win awards for his role… He died after completing 90 per cent of his work. Loved MG.”

On Ilayaraja, he said, “The happier note to making of ‘Hey Ram’ came from Ilayaraja, who rescued the music of ‘Hey Ram’ from wrong hands. A case study in film scoring.”


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