Is Kaaka Muttai same as Slumdog Millionaire?

Is Kaaka Muttai same as Slumdog Millionaire?

It often becomes an unavoidable factor in Tamil cinema. When a successful or much anticipated movie is getting ready to strike the show, it’s obvious there are some references created by the over enthusiastic movie buffs. In all likelihood, director Manikandan’s internationally critically acclaimed ‘Kaaka Muttai’, which has already earned the best credits and profits to producers Dhanush and Vetrimaaran is getting ready for release shortly.

Meanwhile, there has been a slight doubt of whether Kaaka Muttai would strike some similarity with Slumdog Millionaire. Apparently, for the ones who have already watched the film, they have made it clear that the KM in no way is linked with SM.

Slumdog Millionaire threw lights on the poverty in slums from the western perspective, but we find the kids in Kaaka Muttai are leading a happy and contended life. But how Globalization has resulted in the changes among them is the major plot.

Young Superstar Silambarasan has played a cameo role in this movie and Aishwarya Rajesh has gained a meaty role. The film is getting ready for release this Friday (June 5) and is already on the good profit zone with international acclaims and National award.

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