Is Theri poster intentional after Kutty Thala?

Is Theri poster intentional after Kutty Thala?

It looks like there are lots of promotional clashes happening among the publicity department over the star wars of Kollywood.

Although, we find that everyone shares a good relationship, when it comes to films, there is no sign of acquaintance. Recently, Ajith Kumar had a big birthday bash for his son Advik first year that turned to be a top trending one in all twitter and Facebook pages.

Not more than a week from that incident, we find Vijay’s Theri poster featuring him along with his daughter. Now the biggest question is that Vijay’s personal manager, who is now handling PR works had made this intentional to dominate the Twitter and Facebook pages just as it was with Ajith Kumar’s son.

Well, the hearsays will all be the same and we are just reporting what has been mentioned by talks of certain big shots in the industry.

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