Jayam Ravi wants to direct Vijay

Jayam Ravi wants to direct Vijay

Yes, Jayam Ravi has the ambition to become a director, following the footsteps of his elder brother Mohan Raja. And believe us, he has even completed penning two scripts.

“I would like to direct the first script with my brother playing the lead role. Like how he extracted work from me in many films, I would like to ‘torture’ him,” says the ‘Bhooloham’ and ‘Thani Oruvan’ star.

For his second script, Ravi wants to director Vijay. “The story will sure for Vijay Anna only,” he says, expressing hope that he would become director one day for sure.

On his next release ‘Miruthan’, he says, “it is not a ghost film as perceived by many. It is about how nature would react if we start harassing it. I am happy with the feedback to the trailer.”

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