“Jo and I had to find take my daughter for counselling” – Suriya

“Jo and I had to find take my daughter for counselling” – Suriya

Actor Suriya is playing the best on the commercial genre and lots of promising films are coming ahead from his store, but during this interim, he has been chosen to be a part of soft family entertainer.

The End Of ‘Pasanga’ Series Officially Confirmed

Will it not affect his career graph? Ask him and he utters, “There is nothing such as that and ‘Substance’ matters a lot at the end.” The actor says that the film ‘Pasanga 2’ will be more enchanting and will offer a wonderful experience to the audiences.

“It doesn’t mean that the audience will get transformation only after watching this film, but it could create some spark for a change. Every child is different and they deserve a complete attention. My daughter and son are completely different in nature.

My son is so positive and vibrant, but in contrast my daughter would often get adhered to depression. She had issues of going to school and would often stand next to teacher during the class hours.

We had later figured out she had some issues and took our 5-yr old daughter to a counsellor. In fact, every kid needs to be given the best attention so that they don’t have any problems or crisis as they grow up,” says Suriya.

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