Kallapadam is the first step to achieve Big

Kallapadam is the first step to achieve Big

Cameraman Sriirama Santhosh of ‘Kallappadam‘ is a deputy of doyen cinematographer P.C.Sreeram “I have been reaping the skills from P.C.Sreeram sir since Yavarum Nalam, substantially I graduated from Kumbakonam fine Arts college my craving towards making the images digital derived me in the platform of cinematography. I have accompanied Vadivel in many short films and documentaries and we have been travelling together for almost thirteen years. We debate on many things on the ground of next breed film making, that session of brainstorming landed us in Kallappadam.”

“It’s my debut film both in Acting and filming. I was least interested in acting but to make the film more fascinating I suggested J.Vadivel to make the technicians themselves as artistes upon which he firmed the idea and implemented it. Actually It was hard to handle both camera and acting simultaneously, I start the day with setting up the lights and positioning the camera, in no time I need to wear the makeup and start acting too, it was hectic but interesting.”

“Being a cameraman I was too conscious about the shots and angles while acting, we wanted to experiment as much as possible to give a divergent looks. We have used the shots very tightly to elevate the subject in the mise en scene.” Says aesthetic lover Sriirama Santhosh

“I was misjudging these days that acting was the easiest job and working behind the camera is tough but I realized that I was off base. Acting is an art which is to be lived not to be learnt “, Adds Sriirama Santhosh .

“Though my big day is just one day away today is my bigger day as my mentor P.C Sreeram sir had blessed me with a congratulatory message , my biggest day will be the day I make him proud with my deeds” says Sriirama Santhosh.

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