Kamal denies speaking against govt, tenders apology

Kamal denies speaking against govt, tenders apology

Days after his reported remarks against the Tamil Nadu government’s flood relief works caused furore and attracted a hard-hitting statement from Finance Minister O Panneerselvam, Kamal Haasan today reacted to it.

In a statement, he said he was misquoted in the Tamil translation of his letter to his North Indian journalist friend. “Many of the words were not uttered by me. But still, I kept silent since I thought the issue would settle down on its own,” he said.

The actor-filmmaker, expressing regret over his decision to keep quiet, said he was even ready to tender apology had his reported comments hurt those involved in relief works. “Now we are in a crucial time to help out the victims. Let us focus in that,” he said.

A couple of days ago, Panneerselvam has lashed out at Kamal Haasan for his criticism of the government on flood relief.

Instead of becoming a pawn in the hands of those wanting to malign the government, the actor should take note of the measures taken by the government for the betterment of the state over the years before passing comments, Panneerselvam said in a detailed statement.

Panneerselvam, also explained to the actor that the government’s spending in social sectors and disaster management and advised him to go through the budget “by allocating time in between his movie shootings.”

“Chennai and nearby districts have had record rainfall and honourable chief minister has ordered relief measures on war footing. But Kamal Haasan who is not in his senses has questioned the government for allegedly seeking money for relief measures and also asked the government as to what it is doing with the tax revenue,” he said.

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