Kamal Haasan denies his derogatory speech against Government

Kamal Haasan denies his derogatory speech against Government

When the entire city of Chennai and many other locales in Tamil Nadu was stuck in heavy flood, the media channels found yet another subject to bring under spotlights, which was none other than the controversial speech of Kamal Haasan.

Some Tamil newspapers had passed on the news that Kamal Haasan claimed that where his tax money has vanished and why the State Government isn’t making use of it for this situation and instead seeks the help and donation of others.

Accordingly, this was followed by lots of allegations by the ruling party members including O Panneer Selvam.

Kamal Haasan through his spokesperson had mailed a letter to all media channels saying, “I had never given any interviews to media channels.

One of my media friends in North India got little statement from me in English, which has been wrongly translated with misinterpretations and published herein Tamil. I had never mentioned anything in disregard to the Government nor I did mention about the tax money I have been paying.

If so, I wouldn’t have been openly submitting my earnings, expenses and taxes every year to the Government. I had tried to maintain silence at this crucial point, where my members at Iyakkam that consist of both religion and rational thinkers. If at this situation, where the words that I never intended to mean or never said at all has hurt anyone’s feelings, I actually make the apologies.”

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