Kamal hails Queen Elizabeth

Kamal hails Queen Elizabeth

As Queen Elizabeth II became Britain’s longest serving monarch, Kamal Haasan, who had the queen at the launch of his dream project ‘Marudhanayagam‘ in Chennai a couple of decades ago, has greeted her.

Kamal said that he considers the royal family as one that understood the reality and the changes that happened in the world to bring bringupon a change upon themselves.

He said: “Marudanayagam also called Muhammed Yusuf Khan, is a Tamilian and the first freedom fighter who has been forgotten by the Indians itself. This freedom fighter who started his fight about a 100 years before the Sepoy Mutiny of 1857, which has been recorded in history as India’s First War of Independence, didn’t get the recognition and honour then and ​even now. I wanted people know about it through this film.”

“I feel it’s an injustice to the freedom fight itself. Marudanayagam was hanged in Oct 13, 1864 and the interesting fact is that the Queen had also come around that date to India during the launch of the film. Marudanayagam’s freedom speech dialogues from the film were ​shared with her. We had also given her a translation of what the dialogues meant,” Kamal added.


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